How can I avoid boxes in web page layouts

Have you any good examples where content on a web page doesn’t look boxed in everywhere?

edit examples of what I want to avoid:
enter image description here
enter image description here


Use images with transparent/white background. Allow them to overlap with text and headlines (e.g., objects’ shadows should overlap image bounding box, for example).
Make text flow dynamic, decorate additional information on margins (here is a nice example: Highlight important objects, make them big, subordinate unimportant ones.

For example, this is a simple text-image-text-image page, but it does not look boxed:

There is another one, it uses geometric forms to break boxes of image boundaries:

Summing up, it would require a big amount of work to make page not look boxed, so it seems not possible to make site theme/template and apply it to all pages. Content becomes important and will hint you about appropriate form.

P.S. Also take a look at this demo 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Shawn , Answer Author : Nikita Prokopov

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