How can I be creative in web design

I am a front-end web developer and I like design a lot, as matter of fact – lately, I am focusing more on UX/UI design to create top-notch products for my clients.

Coming from coding background, I find myself struggling a bit with design patterns and creativity for new concepts. Some clients come to me and simply just ask for a website without any idea of what they want or maybe just a reference to 1 or 2 sites. They provide me with only images and expect me to come up with a beautiful and functioning website. Although, I get inspirations from looking online and following a lot of designs articles but still, I lack the ability or struggle to come up with new concept and design on my own.

So my question is:

  • How can be creative for new concepts of designs
  • How do I learn to create unique designs
  • Is it hard to learn a bit of graphics just to put some effects to my designs

I am open to any ideas and suggestions, thanks a lot in advance.


Think of the Tango (the dance). You learn the moves (components of the dance) in a set sequence. When you know them well, you can make up your own sequences and so create a unique dance of your own.

In short, componentize. Learn the bits and pieces as others have done them. Things like color, typography, layouts, parallax scrolling, ajax effects, etc. Don’t try to be unique — you’re not ready yet. Sure, your sites won’t look all that original at first, but once you’ve mastered the individual tricks, you’ll be able to combine them in unique ways, adapt them in ways other haven’t thought of. And then people will say, “What an original design.” You did the same thing with coding — learn each component and then combine them in ways that create the result you’re looking for. Same with anything.

Creativity is about taking raw materials and combining them to make something new. Your raw materials are all the components (methods) someone created before you came along. Just keep practicing.

So how do you become creative? By continually creating, even if it just means copying the components others have already created.

Source : Link , Question Author : Shina , Answer Author : minshawcopy

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