How can I bend artwork by 25°?

I am doing a packaging for a client and when I received the shape of the container I found out that it should be bent by 25° and I want to know how to do that please.

One solution is to bend the final image in Photoshop, but I believe there is a way working with perspectives.

enter image description here


Use the ‘Warp’ feature in Illustrator (for vector artwork)

  • create your artwork inside a straight rectangle
  • group and select the artwork
  • with this selected, hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W which opens up the ‘Warp Options’ dialog (or via the menu ‘Object → Envelope Distort → Make with Warp’)
  • select the ‘Arc’ style and type ‘13.889%’ in the ‘Bend’ field (25° is 13.889 percent of 180°)

enter image description here

Use the ‘Warp’ feature in Photoshop (for non-vector artwork)

  • group all your layers into a single Group, or merge all layers
  • Ctrl+T the resulting group or layer, right click and choose ‘Warp’
  • choose ‘Arc’ and type ‘13.889%’ in the ‘Bend’ field (which should be located right under your main menu)

Source : Link , Question Author : Karim Taha , Answer Author : Community

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