How can I change all white pixels to black but keep the transparancy intact using Gimp?

I have toolbar icons in a file that are all white with transparent background. Using gimp, how do I change the white to black without affecting the transparency?


General case, any color to any color:

  • Click on the “Alpha-lock” icon, which is the small checkerboard icon in the “Lock” line at the top of the Layers list.

enter image description here

  • Bucket-fill the layer with the new color (black for you), the alpha lock will ensure that pixels keep they current opacity (this means, without any active selection, to use the bucket-fill with the “Fill whole selection” option.

Faster for your specific case (black to white or white to black):

Just use Colors>Invert

Source : Link , Question Author : barrypicker , Answer Author : xenoid

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