How can I change the white color to random so it’s still looking good?

I took a photo of some vegetable powders in small glasses. Now I would like to change the white color to blue or any other color (maybe gradient), so the color of the powders doesn’t change (of course… :P) and the new background color would also be noticable on/through glasses.

Is it possible, to make it look really realistic?

Powder photo.

Image will be used for a product sale web banner.

Thank you guys in advance!


The most safe way would be avoiding color by manually creating a mask on the powders, either by some color selection or by manually painting the mask. by isolating color information, you will end up transforming the powder in a full-black shape that can be cancelled out as a mask.
You can do this via selective color or using the selection by color range at the Image > Calculations menu item.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nik Zornada , Answer Author : Lucas Flicky

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