How can I color a pattern in Inkscape?

How can I color a pattern in Inkscape without creating a custom pattern? I guess this should be possible, but can’t make it work.

I draw a square and fill it with a color (green). Then I choose a standard pattern for the square. The green fill is gone and I have a black pattern. Now I would like to change the pattern’s color. How can I do this?

pattern and stroke in Inkscape


The easiest way I figured out is probably this:

  1. Draw a figure.
  2. Select the pattern from Fill and Stroke (“Füllung und Kontur”).
  3. Click Extensions > Colour > Replace colour .. (should be something like Erweiterungen > Farbe > Farbe ersetzen in German).
  4. Enter the hex code for your desired colour.

Another way:

  1. Select Edit >> XML Editor.
  2. Expand svg:defs >> svg:pattern id=”Strips1_1″.
  3. Select svg:rect.
  4. Click style.
  5. Set fill to the RGB hex code (including the #).
  6. Click Set to apply the changes.

Set Stripe Colour

Source : Link , Question Author : user1344545 , Answer Author : Dave Jarvis

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