How can I convert a path to a shape in Inkscape?

This is a follow-up to my earlier question, where I learned that one can trace the edge of a vector image by using a union if all the parts are shapes.

However, while I found instructions for converting a shape to a path, I did not find any instructions for the reverse operation.

How can I convert a path to a shape, so I can perform a union?

Edit: For clarification, this is the svg I am trying to trace the outside boundary of.

Update: I first ungrouped, and then did Object to Path. When I subsequently try to perform Path->Union, I get the error

One of the objects is not a path. Cannot perform boolean operation.

Update2: It turned out I had nested groups. After ungrouping the nested groups, I was able to do a Path -> Union. However, this operation had the effect of simply destroying my image and leaving nothing, which was not the intended effect.


As your question does not make sense to me otherwise, I assume that you have something like an object to which Stroke to Path has been applied (see image below) and you want to convert it to a single path.

enter image description here

I further assume that you are only interested in the outline of this object, i.e., the outermost circle in the above example, and not the original line used to create this object (which would be more difficult to reconstruct).

The probably most simple ways to achieve this are:

  • Path → break apart and remove the inner object.
  • Path → break apart and path → union.

Source : Link , Question Author : merlin2011 , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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