How can I convey complexity of source code without showing code?

I just created a big web application, and I need a way to present it. I want to allow people to visualize the amount and complexity of code I coded (“wow this is a giant bunch of code” and “wow this code is sooo complex(independent of the fact that complex code is bad quality)”), but in a style readable for those not familiar with programming. It would be nice if this visualization is also optically pleasing.

Because it needs to show the complexity and amount of work I put into it, I do not want a simple pie-chart. Are there any tools I can use to do this? How do you think I should present it?

This is not about being proud of much/complex code and code refactoring tools. This is about visualizing amount/complexity of code/programs for non programmers in a visually pleasing way.


Off-hand I’m thinking knots.


(image from

Knots offer a wide array of complexity degrees. From the simple square knot to some very complex, multi-line, knots. And the multi-line knots could be used to show integration between different languages if needed. These could be used or integrated into a design to show the complexity of an application.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alex , Answer Author : Scott

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