How can I create a curved grid

I would like to create a (preferably conformal, but not necessary) curved grid like this:

{Dead, unrecoverable image was here (not in Wayback Machine, and original image domain is now a parked malware site)}

trying to match the outline of a curve I have:

Kind of like the lines on an athletics track, but a grid. How can I do this? Any program is fine.


Looks like a candidate for Illustrator’s Blend Tool:

Create blends

The Blend tool and Make Blend command let you create blends, which are
a series of intermediate objects and colors between two or more
selected objects.

Create a blend with the Blend tool

  1. Select the Blend tool.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • To blend in sequential order with no rotation, click anywhere on each object, but avoid anchor points.
    • To blend to a specific anchor point on an object, click the anchor
      point with the Blend tool. When the pointer is over an anchor point,
      the pointer changes from a white square to transparent with a black
      dot in its center.

    • To blend open paths, select an endpoint on each path.

  3. When you are finished adding objects to the blend, click the Blend tool again.

Create a blend with the Make Blend command

  1. Select the objects you want to blend.
  2. Choose Object > Blend > Make.

Here’s what I made with the Blend Tool based off your image:

Blend tool example

This will easily create the concentric dividers. You can then manually add in the radial dividers by hand if you require them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Curvy , Answer Author : JohnB

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