How can I create a PDF file from an Inkscape SVG with multiple pages?

I have an SVG file that was created in Inkscape. It’s the layout of a page for a book that is like a diary, so every page is exactly the same.

The printing service that I will be using to make a hard cover book from this layout can’t just repeat the page when they print it, I need to provide a PDF file that has the same layout replicated on every individual page.

What I want to be able to do is create a PDF from my Inkscape file that has 185 pages, each page exactly the same. Is there a utility or something that can do this (in Windows)?

(Right now the only way I can think to do this is import the SVG into a program like LibreOffice and copy/paste the image to every page, but, that’s a little tedious.)


Inkscape has no native multi page support. There used to be a plug-in for multiple pages, but I’m not sure if it still works in the most recent version of Inkscape since the developer seems to have abandoned updates. Instead, I suggest you use Scribus which is also free and Open Source.

  1. Export the page from Inkscape as a PDF, using File > Save As, and choose PDF as the file type

  2. Open Scribus and create a new blank single page document

  3. Click and drag the PDF you made previously into Scribus, and position it as required on the page

  4. Click Page > Convert to Master Page, and give your Master Page a name you can easily find later

  5. Click Page > Insert

  6. Select the Master Page you already set up in the drop down, and set the required number of pages to insert. Click OK

  7. Click File > Export > Save as PDF

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