How can I create a photo-realistic cylindrical 3D object?

I am trying to achieve something similar to the following photo-realistic image in Photoshop:

example of a photo-realistic image

So far, I have tried copying and pasting a basic object, then distorting it and applying new layer styles. However, I am sure there is a much more efficient way to do it using some sort of 3D ‘spin’ function. I’ve never come across one, so wondering if anyone had any tips.


I don’t think Photoshop is the tool you should use for this. However, Illustrator has the “rotate around the z axis” function you are describing.

In a nutshell, you trace the shape of half of the object:

Traced object

Then use Effect3DRevolve… on that object

Revolved object

Then you can map whatever are you need to make it look as photo-realistic as you like.

"Finished" Product

I didn’t spend much time on the texture for this example, so mine looks like crud. The rendering will improve when you export the image as a PNG:

Rendered output

I think you are much better off using an actual 3D modelling program, but if you need a quick and dirty solution within Adobe’s Creative Suite then this could work.

Source : Link , Question Author : jacktheripper , Answer Author : JohnB

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