How can I create a shape made up of dried herbs & spices?

I am trying to create a shape out of dried herbs & spices (like oregano), and I want the texture to look similar to this image:

Dried herbs

I tried looking for dried herbs brushes and actions but can’t find any.

Any ideas or suggestions of how to approach this? I want the final effect to have a very realistic effect (with all the little tiny pieces around the shape). So I want it to look like the shape was created in real life from actual spices.


I would create a brush that has the inside texture of a lot of herbs and the edges of fewer herbs.

Here’s a tutorial if you don’t know how to create a brush

And here’s a very rough and badly done example of how you should build the brush:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Ori , Answer Author : JohnB

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