How can I create a spherical perspective grid in Photoshop or Illustrator

How can I create a spherical perspective grid (six point perspective) in Photoshop or Illustrator CS5 where the poles are shown on the top and the bottom (exactly like the image below).

I have explored the ‘polar grid tool’ in Illustrator and the ‘Vanishing Point’ filter in Photoshop. Neither of these tools are able to create this kind of perspective grid.

If possible I would like to find a method that allows customizations like, setting the number of concentric and radial dividers like how the ‘polar grid tool’ works, rather than trying to build it with shapes or something..

Thanks for any help

EDIT: I have learned that this is referred to as Six Point Perspective.

EDIT: reference image source, in case its at all useful

enter image description here


In Illustrator….

Draw a half circle….

Choose Effect > 3D > Revolve... And adjust the options….

enter image description here

There is no method to control the amount of plane division in the 3D Effect. But you can always expand the art and manually add additional division.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sammy the gofer , Answer Author : Scott

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