How can I create an animation of an image being drawn/painted, automatically?

I’m looking for some software that will allow me to create an animation of a given image being drawn in real time. For example, I have a jpeg. It’s a picture of my pet dog, and I want some software that will create an animation (flash/gif/avi) of the image, but not the image fading in, rather, the image being drawn section by section. Anybody come across something like this?


There are several ways to fake this (very, very convincingly) in AfterEffects; I would suggest that. If you’re using a raster image it’ll be more difficult but what you’d essentially do is use the scribble and paint effects to fill in areas. If you have vector art (or can convert it to vector art using something like Live Trace in Illustrator) you can actually have After Effects fill the lines over time based on the vectors.

In any case, it’s not a “click here and have the picture drawn” type of thing – to get a good accurate representation you may want to consider converting your artwork to vector artwork and going from there.

Source : Link , Question Author : brux , Answer Author : lawndartcatcher

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