How can I create and transfer the same metering scale (vector) to a mass of different .jpg images?

I am given a lot (about 300) of single, different size jewelry as .jpg images (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, etc).
I am asked to create and place a vector image of a metering scale (as the one below) next to each one of them.


The issues are:

  1. Should I create the vector (metering scale) in photoshop or illustrator (CS5 versions)?
  2. If in Illustrator how do I copy/open it to photoshop? Will any of these suggestion (12931, 17688, 5237, How To Open And Use Vectors In Photoshop) do?
  3. In either case will I have to create a new one for each image or can I re-use the one and only for each of the images? I do understand that in case of re-using I need to resize it accordingly (or not?). Also. In case of re-using is there a way to automate the task through an action or a script that you are aware of? Remember: the jewelry are of various lengths. Still the scale must correspond to their real size.
  4. What would the best, effective, time-saving workflow be?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: After your initial comments I need to clarify.

Most of the images -.jpg- already have a scale in them. But the person that photographed used a worn-out one. So, they want to have a new scale as a vector for better resolution. “We cannot even look at our jewels with this scale on the picture”. They also promised to provide exact measures for the few ones (20 or so) that do not have any scale at all.


I think there is no way to automate these tasks, since those worn out scales in the pictures will be every time on a more or less different spot in the picture.

Maybe, if it’s +- in the same spot and the background of the picture is solid color e.g. white AND all those pictures are taken from the same distance, using the same lens and settings, you could make a Photoshop action placing background image covering the original scale, placing a new one on top of it and saving it (you could also apply a mask with going from the solid color to transparent to smooth the edges since the color of the BG probably won’t be as even).

But I don’t think there is a elegant way to do this.

Source : Link , Question Author : marikamitsos , Answer Author : Yisela

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