How can I create hand-drawn style graphics for my website?

I am developing a web page for web based application, i am new to web design, so forgive if i have asked very basic question.

i want to create icons and embed into my existing png image file. i have attached sample image below and circle the icon which i want.

enter image description here

so i want to know how to embed the icons into the image, is there any specific tool to create those icons?.


If you already have your banner and are wondering about the little drawings on top, then I can think of two ways of getting them:

1) Buy them online, already made. Sites like iStock or GraphicRiver offer vector illustrations with transparent backgrounds, so it’s quite easy to open the files and just paste them on your banner. There are also free icons you can use. Take a look at Vecteezy, The Noun Project or FlatIcon, to name just a few.

2) Draw them yourself. You can either use your mouse (Illustrator or Inkscape would be better for this), or, if you are interested in drawing you could get a graphic tablet. The small ones are not that expensive, and in any case if it’s your thing it would be nothing but an investment.

Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : pappu_kutty , Answer Author : Yisela

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