How can I create WORKING gears in Illustrator?

I cannot seem to get this right.. I want to create 2 gears that work together.

enter image description here

I can create gears, but I cannot seem to figure out the math needed to make them uniform, or where they work together.

There is a mathematical way to do this. I do not know the formula..

What I’m trying to accomplish.

not my artwork

What I tried:

  • Create a circle 800px x 800px
  • Create a circle 600px x 600px
  • Create a star with inner radius 200 (400 diameter), 500 (1000 diameter) outer, with 12 points.
  • Compound the smaller circle and star. Intersect the remainder.

Do the same thing, except half each value and the points.

I would think this would make a 2:1 gear ratio where both gears match exactly, but they don’t…

enter image description here


The same way one would create a real working gear. Here are tools which will create gears:

See the site for more information on gears — they have a Gear template generator as well:

Alternately, you can draw them by hand — you just need to use basic geometry to ensure that the diameter of each gear is an integral ratio.

Source : Link , Question Author : kcdwayne , Answer Author : WillAdams

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