How can I crop images so as to change their aspect ratio?

For header images on a site I’m working on we are using 1280×480 px images.

The images I have been given are not 1280×480 px, so I need to crop them, but I can’t just crop them any which way – I need the end result to be an 8:3 ratio.

I’m wondering if there is a quick way to do this with a lot of images? Maybe something like Croppola?

I have Photoshop and on my system currently. I’m open to using other software.

Croppola seems almost idea, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with the 8:3 ratio (when I go to manual and begin entering values it gets confused…or maybe it is I that am confused).


You could drag all your photos into a canvas that’s sized to your selected dimensions and then just save them back out. This is usually how I crop a bundle of photos in Photoshop at once.

  1. Make a new 1280px x 480px document.
  2. Drag or paste each image onto a new layer.
  3. Move each image around until they are in the desired crop position
  4. File > Export > Layers to Files

Doing it this way you will let retain all the edges of your images instead of cropping them all off, allowing you edit later if you need to.

Source : Link , Question Author : davemackey , Answer Author : Vicki

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