How can I cut and replaced on illustrator

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this is not the actual picture but lets say that girl was vectorized in illustrator. I want to know how can I cut 1 piece of puzzle in vectorized picture and place it somewhere using illustrator, as I did this sample photo on photoshop.
I knew its possible, its just thing that I am bit beginner on Illustrator.

note to admin/mod: please correct my english if there’s an error, thanks.


I wrote a Javascript to do this; see for a description (direct download link:

example usage

After running the script, you end up with separate puzzle pieces, which you can move around at will.

The script assumes a single object or group is selected before running. It asks for a few simple parameters, such as how many rows and columns should be created. It does not work in the faux perspective of your example, it assumes a plain orientation. If you want the effect you show, first transform the entire image in a proper “upright” position, then run my script, select all puzzle pieces, and transform them back to the slanted orientation.

Note that it creates a full copy of all of the objects for each separate piece. If your image is object-heavy (an autotraced image usually is), consider rasterizing it before running the script.

Source : Link , Question Author : patch pachich , Answer Author : Jongware

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