How can I delete border lines from a 2 frame gif in photoshop?

I am creating an animated logo for my web site. It is a simple 2 frame
gif. The only difference between the 2 frames is that the first one has
a glowing object and the second one doesn’t.

Here’s the first frame.

Now, after hitting save for web, I choose not to use matte because the background color I am using on the website is a gradient.
And that creates this ugly thing.

As I said before, I can’t just use matte because my website’s background color is a grey and black gradient.

Is there anything I can do? I need this logo to be clean without lines and it needs to fit the gradient on my website.


.gif does not support alpha transparency, that is the reason for the “line” around your logo. The easiest way would be to include the gradient in the background.

The only problem would be a dynamicly changing background.
To get alpha transparency on the web is using a .png, which does not support animations.
But since you only have two frames, you can simulate the animation with a simple CSS or JS Animation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Eden_Pierce , Answer Author : Afterlame

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