How can I draw a loopback connector using Inkscape connectors

In drawing a state diagram (nodes connected by one-way arrows) I need that some nodes connect to self.

ugly loopback connector sample
I want to draw a connector like the one in the example, which I made up with a circle shape.
I’m using Inkscape 0.91’s connectors because of the needed feature of the arrow ends snapping to the shapes.
When I draw an arrow that starts and ends in the same shape I get a zero-length arrow with an arrowhead in the center of the shape.
I also tried using two equal shapes, one over the other, with identical results.
Please help!


State transition = “no change” can well be presented with a path. Have a few different predrawn and duplicate the most appropriate one. With the node tool you can set both ends on the edge of the state symbol. They snap if you have snap to path ON.

You do not need normal connector because the “no change” loop should move if you move the state symbol. Only remember to group them.

(The situation is totally different, if your image is a graphical input to a program which reads the transition diagram and executes it. If that’s the case, you probably wouldn’t use Inkscape)

Source : Link , Question Author : Juan Lanus , Answer Author : user287001

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