How can i draw shape with depth in illustrator?

How can i draw the 3d shape like i attached in image. wanted to make banner with just tiled slop. i tried in adobe illustrator but cant get the depth between the blocks. Please let me know how can i archive the same effect in attached image.enter image description here


There are many ways to illustrate depth and I think the way you are trying to do it is with perspective. You are close. I can see what you were trying to do, but we would need to see them angle to the right as they go up if we are to believe they are going further into the image.

Here is an example I put together using your shapes. These could have been touching but I would have had to mess with the angles a lot more rather than just letting the viewer imagine they are floating in space which requires less precision.

Illusion of depth

All modifications to these shapes was done with the free transform tool in illustrator. The circle is just a circle, I added it to help the viewer relate to the depth I created.

This should help you see it a little better. Neat concept you are exploring, keep working with it. Please comment if you have any more specific needs to meet that you cant figure out.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sam IR , Answer Author : Eric Jones

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