How can I easily preview my illustrator document on my iPad?

I am designing screens for an app for iPad. I would like to easily preview my artboards on my iPad.

My method to do that is:

  • export the .ai document to a .pdf document
  • copy the .pdf file to my “books” in iTunes
  • then, open this new .pdf file with the books app on my iPad

Is there a more clever way than what I an doing right now?

EDIT: The resason I want to preview is to compare 2 ou more screens. A good point in the process I use in that with a swipe I can compare two artboards.


Skala is a great free app that mirrors your screen on to mobile devices. It can link directly to photoshop and also send over JPGs and clipboard.


Source : Link , Question Author : Colas , Answer Author : Alex Collins

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