How can I ensure that users will think a button is clickable?

I had to make a page with a couple links on it, so I thought I would try to make the links big and decorative:

My button

But I ran into the problem that people didn’t realize it was a button, so they didn’t know what to click on. It’s obvious that something like this is a button:

Obviously a button

My question is: How can I design my buttons to be obviously click-able?


This isn’t really a “graphic design” answer, but you may also want to see if you can change the text. In your examples, I don’t think the art of the “install” button is particularly more button-like than your Outlook button. However, the text on it is a well-known verb so it is associated with performing an action. In the same vein, “Launch Outlook” may attract more clicks than simply “Outlook”.

From a graphics standpoint, (and further to jhocking & luckycypher’s comments), some other things you could try:

  • Make the edges glow on hover
  • change background/border color schemes on hover
  • add a subtle shadow (with or without beveling the surface) so the button appears raised from the page
  • add a small icon next to the text to indicate what action is to be performed (if I ‘Outlook’, what am I doing?)
  • place your button in a location where other buttons are typically placed on your site
  • make the button theme match other navigation links/buttons on the site.

You could also try asking over on UX for other UI-centric thoughts.

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