How can I export an Illustrator JPEG – PNG while keeping the whitespace?

I created a logo in illustrator for a client. When I export it and save it as a JPEG the image is clear but the artboard gets cut of. It only saves the logo itself, there is no white space. How can I export it with the white space?

My client wants to use the logo for his screen background. So I need a very crisp image that’s nicely centered.


If Exporting, tick the Use Artboards box in the Export dialog window and select the artboard number you want to export (or all).

enter image description here

If using Save For Web, tick Clip to Artboard in the Save for Web dialog window if you wish Save for Web to use the artboard as the final size of the image.

enter image description here

I realize the term “clip” may be counter intuitive. But with it UNticked, AI uses the artwork bounds as the image size. With it ticked, AI uses the artboard size.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bianca , Answer Author : Scott

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