How can I export an image from Illustrator image at multiple sizes?

I am new to Adobe Illustrator and I have a logo image which I need to use in 5 or 6 different sizes. The logo image was created in Adobe Illustrator, but when I try to save the image to PNG or JPEG what should have been simple turns out to be very complicated.

I understand that Adobe Illustrator wants to treat the image as a certain size, and then wants to multiply that size by a pixels per inch scale factor to result in the actual number of pixels that it saves. It has a few limited scale factor choices which give a very limited set of resulting output pixel sizes.

However for many web uses the user already knows the output pixel dimensions that are needed. Is there a way of just specifiying either the pixel width or height of the saved graphic which is needed?

I have seen suggestions to export the image and then use Photoshop to resize it, but that results in a poorer image quality vs. creating the final image from the vector image.


File > Save for Web and then enter the pixel dimensions by clicking the Image Size tab on the right of the Save for Web window.

Or am I not understanding you correctly?

Source : Link , Question Author : Howard , Answer Author : Scott

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