How can I fade an image along lines in Illustrator?

I was wondering if anyone could assist with teaching me how to fade an image along lines in Illustrator (similar to the picture below).

As the lines progress a larger portion of the image is revealed.

Thanks for any help! It is greatly appreciated.

enter image description here


From two thick horizontal paths, create a Blend, 30 steps


Create a Star over the blend, select the Star and the Blend and make a Clipping Mask

Clipping Mask

Duplicate the Star three times from right to left


Select the Star on the right and go to Menu Object > Clipping Mask > Edit Contents

  • Scale the content horizontally from left to right
  • Reduce the stroke thickness
  • Do the same with the next two Stars



Source : Link , Question Author : Frank A Schioppa , Answer Author : Community

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