How can I find a mentor to critique my work?

I’m a self-learning graphic designer. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and I thought I was doing fine until I got this big shock at work. I’ve been working for a year at some web design company and just now they tell me I’m inexperienced and that I failed with the task that I’ve been assigned to me.

Now from my perspective, I want to know how to sharpen my talent. I know I have the talent, but I think I maybe missed some basic concepts and principles which I would have studied had I attended the a graphic design school. I want to spot my weaknesses and I desperately need a good mentor who is willing to help me find them and guide me in fixing them.


Well among what could be many answers—right here.

We’re all different levels of experience, and in different aspects of graphic design. Some more web, others more print, others more technical drawings, etc… But we’re all here to help people just like you (and each other, because we don’t know everything either).

I agree with John Manly’s comment. You should ask them where you fell short. Was it on creativity? On something technical? Was it riddled with typos? Poor alignment? Not print ready? What exactly was the issue?

Barring that, ask us. You’ll have to be willing and able to show your work. Might want to edit out any information you don’t want us knowing such as address or telephone number.

We do allow Critique Questions, but please read our guidelines, and follow them:

Guidelines for critique questions

New and exciting

We have introduced a place for people to post whatever random piece they want to let people comment and discuss on: Post your Work In Progress (FKA: The Looking Glass)

We’re also fairly welcoming in our chatroom, Ink Spot. You only need 20 rep to chat, which you have already exceeded. Come on in, the water’s fine.

Alternatively the AIGA Mentorship

Some Chapters of the AIGA have started offering Mentorship programs. I believe you must be a member yourself, and apply. Here’s the link:

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