How can I find font references in a Photoshop PSD file?

I need to convert all fonts in a PSD file (CS6) to outlines for printing preparation.

Unfortunately, fonts aren’t just in text objects; there are a lot of Smart Objects and some of them may have text in them.

Is there anyway to find out if there are any font references in the entire file?

One thing I have tried is to save the file as PDF, then open it in Acrobat, choose Properties, and see if there are any embedded fonts. I don’t know if that’s enough of a guarantee though.


You can instantly rasterize all the layers. This will remove all text/font information from them (including those that are smart objects).
When sending .psd files in the past and dealing with printers this was the route I chose.

PRO TIP: before doing this, save this file: “filename_outlines.psd” because once you save and close, you cannot edit the text without redoing.

Layer > Rasterize > All Layers

Source : Link , Question Author : onigame , Answer Author : shannonmac

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