How can I find out what RGB colors a website uses?

I want to learn the RGB (or others like hex, CMYK or HSL) details of a color on a website. Say the background of this very website. I want to recreate that color using the code or a graphics software.


As per thebodzio’s answer, there’s plenty of ways to get that colour. No matter what browser you use there will be some sort of colour picker add-on you can get. Alternatively you could take a screen shot and open it in photoshop. Another way is to open developer tools and look at the sites stylesheet, in chrome you could right click the background and hit inspect element then look for where the background colour is being specified…

To save you the trouble though, the background colour on that website is #f9f9f9 – now, if you’re not too experienced with CSS, you might want to head over to the site, inspect the background colour and see if you can find where I got that from 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : Abhimanyu , Answer Author : JamiePatt

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