How can I fix jerky text panning in Photoshop CS6 video?

I’m testing CS6’s new video features. One issue I found is that when I add panning to text, it does not pan smoothly. It seems like the kerning is adjusted slightly for each frame and it looks pretty bad. I could fix the problem somewhat by rasterizing the text, but then I lose the ability to make changes to the actual text.

Is there a better option for making text pan smoothly in CS6 videos?


To put it bluntly: “Don’t use Photoshop to animate things.”

To elaborate: When you see, say, a movie in the cinema, it runs about 25 frames per second. Entire thing is more complicated, but let’s say every frame contains 1/25s and that 1/25s is as well exposure time of each frame (Need to learn about exposure time?). When something is moving in front of camera, it’s representation on the frame is blurred. This is why we perceive that motion as smooth.

This is called a motion blur and when digitally animating text, or anything for that matter, it is good idea to create it artificially. Movement without motion blur will appear jaggy and at faster moves will betray illusion of movement created by fast changing images.

There is another reason why you might see this in PS, as text moves, vector enters pixels in different time on different places. Fact, that vector of text does not fit pixel grid exactly is normally covered by anti aliasing, but when text moves, it can be betrayed to the viewer. (This is very, very simplified explanation) Again, software meant for animation has tricks to solve this.

I don’t know if PS has some motion blur tools, but it would be really wiser to use After Effects or other more suitable software.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jim , Answer Author : Delltar

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