How can I force a guide to snap pixels whilst being dragged?

When I drag my mouse through a ruler to create a new guide, I want this guide to move pixel by pixel so that when I leave it, it will have snapped to a side of a pixel instead of staying in the middle.

How can I achieve this?


You need to be at 500% zoom or higher and then hold Shift+Mouse Button to have your guides snap to the pixel grid.

Otherwise, by default it’ll snap to:

  • every 2 pixels at greater than 100% zoom
  • every 5 pixels at 100% zoom
  • every 10 pixels at less than 100% zoom

However, if you set your grid to every pixel, then it should snap to the pixel at 100% zoom or greater, even if Snap to>Grid isn’t enabled. At zooms less than 100%, you’ll need Snap to>Grid as well as have the grid enabled.

But I usually just use the rectangular marquee to mark out the positions where I want my guides to snap to. This avoids having to zoom in or having to change my grid settings.

Source : Link , Question Author : Phil , Answer Author : Lèse majesté

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