How can I improve card design?

I’m a Biology teacher also interested in making things look good. I am making a lecture on zoology and decided to set up the key information in cards – so students may take a screenshot and use them for revision.
I did my best, but the design still looks crappy for me – especially the bottom half. Here’s an example (also an actual slide from presentation):
enter image description here

Probably a problem with grouping or font choice – I just can’t understand what’s wrong and how to fix it. Can you suggest some improvements?


This is a small item, so avoid filling precious whitespace by containing every element into its own separate box.

Instead, break the design down into 2 sections for better separation between the top part (general overview) and bottom part (detailed ‘specs’). For instance, you could leave the top against a white background, and only use the yellowish background behind the bottom section.

Also, make the bottom more visual by flowing the ‘specs’ into a grid and adding some relevant icons (first image).

If you find that difficult or time consuming, go with some more straighforward icons for the grid (second image).

Otherwise, just stick to plain text, but use a center axis for the column alignment :first column right aligned, second column left aligned (third image). DO NOT add lines or fills to this table, just separate by bolding the first column and/or using different shades of black between first and second columns.

The word ‘CLASS’ needs to be smaller, meaning of equal font size to the word ‘FEATURES’ (identical font and size).

Avoid using a different font style for everything.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Geemishu , Answer Author : Lucian

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