How can I improve this icon/design?

Been working on an icon for a blog called Bitcrate which focuses on tech/media stuff. First off, what I have so far:


I didn’t want to do some rehash of playing off computer ‘bits’ but thought the motif of the crate actually having been ‘bitten’would be interesting– the two ellipses protruding on the left are meant to be hinges or flaps that you might see on a crate, albeit a little more bent.

So two questions:

1) How would you improve the core image? Do I need to tweak some of the anchor points/handles?

2) To you, is the concept even good or DOA?


I agree with a lot of the comments. I like the art style I don’t think you should change it – I think that the perspective needs to be adjusted like below.

The white line is optional – I guess it depends on how your design finishes up. I prefer subtle so if you don’t need it to accent the crate I’d leave it out.

I also think that the letters should be improved but not made glaringly obvious. I think you are on to something cool here. I played around and as seen below I got something that resembles a non-symmetrical butt 🙂 I messed with a few other ideas but I actually prefer the way yours is developing over any others. At first glance I though of jigsaw pieces. I think you have an opportunity here to develop your logo into (as John mentioned) something similar to the arrow in the FedEx logos, or the A-Z smile in the Amazon one.

enter image description here

Good luck with your design – I hope I’ve given you some more food for thought.

Source : Link , Question Author : GPP , Answer Author : Jenna

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