How can I include a Photoshop file inside another Photoshop file?

If one was designing a website where they laid out each page mock as a separate photoshop file but each one had the common elements of the site such as the header and footer, but also could have common elements like buttons—is it possible to design the button in one photoshop file in its own and then include it inside a page mock file. Then if the content of the button psd file change it would automatically change in the page mock file.

Is this possible? Am I making sense?


You can look into using Adobe’s ‘Smart Objects’. Alternatively, consider FireWorks which has object templating abilities.

Even better, stop mocking up individual web pages in PhotoShop. It’s a workflow nightmare and only causes headaches for the timeline. 😉

Source : Link , Question Author : Kyle Hayes , Answer Author : DA01

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