How can I make a custom post type that loops pages in a new dashboard page, each single page is a new dashboard page (all within the back-end)?

I’ve been wanting to make the most out of WordPress, to use it more and more like a CMS as it truly is a wonderful project. Out of all the CMS/Blogging webapps, WordPress wins in my book.

I understand how to create a post-type. What I don’t understand is how to make pages within the dashboard, and how to add a sidebar menu item with the links. Also, I would like to know how to make the new posts of the custom post-type display only on the dashboard, as a back-end documentation base, or CRM. Of course I could always use a plugin, but then the opportunity for not only myself to learn would be lost, the opportunity to show the many visitors of this site how to achieve the same thing would be lost as well.

Let the Answers begin!

P.S. I’m so very grateful for all of the help you all give to the community here. I’ve searched for this topic and couldn’t find it, if this topic is already answered here, please comment with the link to the question with the answer. Thanks!


WordPress isn’t built with your idea in mind. That being said, add_menu_page on the WordPress Codex shows how to create an admin top-level menu page, i.e., a menu item within the left column of the admin section. add_submenu_page shows how to create submenus of top-level menu items.

You could create a plugin, and add menu/submenu items. Creating a plugin, in and of itself, is exceedingly simple:

// Plugin Name: My Cool Plugin

Upload that to your wp-content/plugins/your-plugin-directory directory, that’s all it takes. It’s a little more involved to create the menu/submenu items, but those links are a good place to start. But, there’s no built-in functionality that I’m aware of that will allow you to easily do what you want. A ready-made plugin might exist, but I haven’t searched.

BTW, custom post types wouldn’t figure into the equation, those are for front-end only.


WP Help is a plugin that might do the trick.

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