How can I make a triangle with two rounded corners? [closed]

Selector with curved edges

I need to create an image like this one.. It’s a basically a triangle with 2 rounded corners.


After reading your question again, I was answering a little more broadly with that last answer and assuming you would want to create more complex shapes in the future.

If you are really just wanting to create a triangle with two rounded corners, and you are using Illustrator CC, check this out:

  1. create a triangle.

rounded triangle 1

  1. select the bottom left corner’s anchor point with the direct selection tool then hold the shift key and also select the bottom right corner’s anchor point.

rounded triangle 2

  1. see those fancy circles at the corners, they are magical. click on one and move them to the middle of your path to choose your desired corner radius.

rounded triangle 3

And thats it. Done!

It wasn’t always this easy, Adobe added that with CC. And sometimes you’ll need to do things without a fancy tool like this, so I hope the pathfinder instructional was also useful.

Have fun learning Illustrator. It is amazing! Learning to use the pen tool will help you too. But sometimes I just want to know that the angles and everything are right, so I prefer combining shapes to make compound paths, or using some of CC’s new features like this one.

Source : Link , Question Author : Manish , Answer Author : Eric Jones

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