How can I make Symbols in Illustrator like I would in Flash?

I have a quite complex draw in Illustrator (let’s say, lots of vectors and that), and I have to make a mosaic for printing a hole page of them.

It’s complex enough to be memory-heavy, so when I try to fill the page by copypasting them Illustrator runs out of memory.

Besides, there’s no need to create copies of the objects – I just want replicas of them which I won’t modify.

So I remembered Flash symbols, and that’s exactly what I want.

How can I get those in Illustrator? Can I convert my draw to a symbol? Rasterizing’s not an option.

Is there any better way to make a mosaic?


PS: I’ve seen in Does the usage of symbols improve illustrator performance? that they talk about symbols, but couldn’t find anything else about them.


Window > Symbols (Shift+Ctrl+F11)

It’s probably already open in a tab by your Swatches and Brushes

Then you can just select your objects as a group and drag them right onto that window and it will prompt you to make them into a Symbol as a Graphic or Movie Clip.


Source : Link , Question Author : mgarciaisaia , Answer Author : Ryan

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