How can I make the color white look as white as possible?

In designing websites and applications, I have noticed that when mixing colors with white, certain colors make white look more “greenish” or “purple-ish”. This happens to a much greater degree when using tints of white.

As a designer, how can we understand how white is influenced by the colours it is contrasted with?


I love this question. Although it sounded wierd at first.


This first part I learned it prior to the digital age, mixing actual paint.

If you make a gradient straight from your base color to white you can sometimes have an undesirebled hue. For example Red to white pass trhu a pink color. (Orange arrows)

You need to slightly turn the color to a lighter part of the color wheel. (Green arrows) to compensate.

enter image description here

Here is the diference. I just added a little yellow on a patch in the midle of the gradient.

enter image description here

The same is true to the darker gradients. Specially with the yellow

enter image description here

enter image description here

The ammount of “correction” depends on the project.

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