How can I make the logo light up against a blurred background?

I’m trying to create a website for a friend and I’m having trouble enter image description here

I tried adding a transparent white or black background on the logo and it just doesn’t look good.

The text is okay, it’s just the logo with strong plain colors.

How should I remedy this?

With the skyline suggestion, it now looks much more readable. I also removed the blur because my initial reasoning for the blur is it would give more focus to the logo and text.

enter image description here

As for the request for the whole photo and logo (please do note that these are both licensed so you cannot use it for commercial purposes), I attached them below :

enter image description here

enter image description here


Alright, the main point I want to emphasize is somewhat a combination of the other answers plus a bit more. You’ve got a very powerful compositing tool in your hands, and are barely using it.

This is just one take, and its very much subject to opinion, but hopefully the reasoning behind it leads you to some ideas for your own take, and helps others.

I don’t know how big this is supposed to be so I took your original and cropped the menu portion of as a size which gave me, 779px x 390px.

First I’ll understand that this is about windows and glass. Going off of Hitchcock’s Rule that should be a fairly large item. The road and grass is less important but does help ground the image so we’ll make it very small. Then I know I’ll need space for a logo too. So maybe something like this:

enter image description here

Alright, now this picture already looks pretty Color Corrected but because our logo is Blue we could probably use some Compositing and/or Color Grading to really enhance it a bit. Here it is with the Logo:

enter image description here

One of the most popular color combinations in cinema which will work well for this is Blue and Gold/Yellow.

So I can drop in a Curves Adjustment layer and this was what I went with:

enter image description here

Which gives us much more contrast:

enter image description here

Then we can really edit it with some more fine adjustments. Like the blue logo on the building right by our logo is distracting, especially if you then want to add that subtext around there. So I can remove that. And I’ll remove the crane for the same reason:

enter image description here

And it’s probably pretty good now but to further emphasize my point maybe that building is still distracting, so let’s just shorten it real quick:

enter image description here

The main point I hope this shows is, don’t feel like you’re limited to – this is my photo, where can I shove in this logo? Oh it doesn’t quite look right, well lets add either a box, a shadow or a glow. There’s a lot more compositing you can do.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zaenille , Answer Author : Ryan

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