How can I make this pattern seamless in illustator?

Is there a way to make this pattern seamless? I can’t seem to fill the negative space.

I’m trying to use the object-> pattern-> make, but might not be the best way. I’m more of a Photoshop user than Illustrator.

enter image description here


You could step the pattern up so that the tile that you create for the pattern is ‘full’ when perpendicular / parallel to the document. You would need to step up your logo as follows and then group the four copies:
enter image description here

The blue highlighted object is a box with no fill and no stroke, this sits behind the other objects and defines the box for the pattern repeat. Select your grouped objects and the invisible box (which is not grouped with the other objects) and then make your pattern (or drag the whole lot to the swatches palette and you’ll get the effect that you are looking for.

This method has the advantage of allowing more complex arrangements than just regular tiles, such as the following:
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Nicola Wells , Answer Author : Westside

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