How can I make this sidebar menu clearer?

I have created a sidebar for a client as requested:

screenshot of web page

The top bar – where on other pages menu items are shown – is left empty as requested and instead 3 menu items are show in the sidebar. These lead to the three main sections of the site.

The client said the menu is not clear enough and I do agree. We only do not agree on location as I preferred the choices in the horizontal bar.

I decided to see how the sidebar menu can be made prettier. Client was inspired by so perhaps I should add a sidebar background for contrast?

How can I make the sidebar more prominent?

I have added menu items to the horizontal menu and I have added a background to the menu. It looks a lot better now. Thanks for all input!


Your best bet is to add a background color to the menu so it is distinguishable from the rest of the page. However, I would explain to your client that it is important to maintain structured navigation throughout their site, otherwise visitors will be confused by a sudden change. (That is, if some pages use the horizontal navigation and others use the vertical navigation.)

Source : Link , Question Author : rhand , Answer Author : HellaMad

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