How can I measure PX distance between two points on the fly? [duplicate]

I am a programmer, not a designer. So I often need to know how many pixels a certain element is far from top or another element. But I am not sure how to measure this on the fly in the Photoshop CS6.

I changed the ruler to Pixel values. I then zoomed in and made two guides between two points I want to measure. It looks something like this

Is this a proper way to measure the distance? If yes, how do I measure it now? I am sure that Photoshop has a better option than that I have to count pixels from the rules by subtractions.

If this is the wrong way, what is the quickest way to measure the distance between two points on the screen?


You can use the Ruler tool (type “I”, or “Shift-I” to toggle through until you’ve reached the Ruler tool) to plot a line between two points in the image. You should see measurements in pixels next to the tool details (below the menu items). Note where the image below has “W: 54.67 H: 0.33” — my line is 54.67 pixels wide.

PS Ruler Tool Example

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