How can I merge Color groups?

I have several color groups that I use to conform illustrations to brand guidelines, most of them saved either in the Cloud, or in .ASE format.

Each color group has a little “folder” icon next to it, but I’d like them all in the same folder.

I would like to merge these color groups into just one ASE file – how can this be done?

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  • Click the first swatch in a group
  • Hold the Shift key down
  • Click the last swatch in a group
  • Then click-drag them to another group

enter image description here

Then you can delete the empty folders.

Unless they’ve added a new feature in the bleeding edge version, this is all that is available. There’s no automated functionality to merge color groups which I’m aware of at this time.

Source : Link , Question Author : MicroMachine , Answer Author : Scott

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