How can I outline this image with a thick black border

I would like to turn this image into just a simple black outline.

Like this simple hand drawn example below, but more precise.

enter image description here


  1. Choose magic wand tool set options to:
    • 1, levels Tolerance
    • Anti-alias on
  2. Click on background white
  3. Holding shift down click inside handle, to add to the existing selection.
  4. Invert selection shift+ctrl+I
  5. Make a new adjustment layer
    • Solid color, white
  6. Apply a layer style of stroke

Done. Your values may be different as scale might change things.


Image 1: Results of steps.

PS: you can also turn the selection into paths. That may be marginally better for low res images as it smooths edges.


Image 2: Instead of fill, the selection was turned to path with 1,5 px fidelity and then stroked with a brush.

Source : Link , Question Author : jackdh , Answer Author : joojaa

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