How can I place a Photoshop document in Illustrator and preserve the layers?

I have not used Adobe Illustrator much, so please excuse me if this is obvious.

I’m trying to import a photoshop mockup of a logo into illustrator so I can finish it as a vector image. The problem is when I go to file.. place, and select the photoshop document, it doesn’t preserve the layers. There will be a “layer 1” layer in the panel, and if I click the arrow next to it it will expand into one other layer, “filename.psd”. This layer contains the bitmap of the entire flattened image, not individual layers as I would like to work with.

Any help?


Instead of placing your PSD file in Illustrator, open your PSD file in Illustrator. When the option box comes up:
convert layers

Change the option from “Flatten Layers to a Single Image” to “Convert Layers to Objects”
Your layers will now be retained in Illustrator.
Good luck!

changing layers opacity:


Source : Link , Question Author : Aaa , Answer Author : shannonmac

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