How can I practice my design skills in a more motivating and engaging way?

My motivation to practice has been sapped away as practicing feels more of a chore. I know the number one way to truly get better as a beginner is to do fake briefs and tutorials but they aren’t motivating in the slightest. What are some ways to practice that are engaging and motivating?

Things I’m working on like my logo, digital and t-shirt design skills are some examples I’m looking to improve on.


Finding work (as opposed to a job) is part of the motivation in (and reason for) creativity.

Any couch potato can think of a design job — a tee-shirt with four descriptive words that begin with the letter 7, or something. Big Deal. No wonder you’re not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Finding work means that you have found a reason for your intervention.

For Example: I once asked a professional window washer how window washers found work. I was asking because I wanted to find out how a manual worker found employment in the growing computerized job market.

The answer was, “I look for dirty windows.”

That changed my life. I began to look for dirty windows. When I saw a hand-made correction to a restaurant menu, I knew that the restaurant needed new menus printed. If I could see that they needed new menus, they certainly knew that, too. All I had to do was figure out how I would design the menu while I drank their delicious coffee, and give the manager my coordinates when I got up to pay for the meal. I found some dirty windows.

If I notice anything, it’s because there’s something that was perceptibly within my ability to affect change. The window was dirty.

The take-away is that what I do to motivate myself and stay in good practice is to continually work. I work on the real thing. I look for dirty windows. Look around. There are a LOT of Dirty Windows.

Here’s a little secret I learned. The more creative and motivated you are, the more dirty windows you’ll see that need your ability and talent.

Source : Link , Question Author : xXUltraForceOmegaXx , Answer Author : Stan

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