How can I quickly delete multiple layers in GIMP?

I have an animated .gif open in GIMP with 48 different layers.

In Photoshop I can quickly select and delete layers multiple layers at once, but it seems that this isn’t possible in GIMP.

My current method of deleting layers is right-clicking each layer and deleting each layer individually, but it’s a fairly time-consuming process for multi-layered images.

Is there a quick way to delete multiple layers at once in GIMP?

48 layers of animation


If there is a small number of layers you want to keep or delete:

  • Make the layers you want to keep invisible (shift-click on the eye icon on any layers toggles the visibility status of all other layers). Depending on relative numbers, hide them all and unhide a few, or unhide them all and hide a few.
  • Image>Merge visible layers (Ctrl-M)
  • Delete the resulting layer
  • Toggle the visibility of the remaining layers (shift-click eye icon again)

Of course, this method isn’t terribly useful if you have a the same time many layers to delete and many layers to keep (but from personal experience this is rarely the case). This method also works on Paths.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stevoisiak , Answer Author : xenoid

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