How can I reduce the file size of a JPEG keeping the same image width and height?

I have a 700Kb JPEG file (white cardboard texture) that I’m using as a background on a website.

A file this large takes too long to load for snappy page hits. I don’t need the full resolution, a reduction in image quality is fine, but I do need to keep the JPEG the same size (to fill the entire screen).

What would be a good free PC or web utility that would allow me to modify a JPEG as described? I’d rather not use Photoshop or other professional software.


You can use Gimp to open the JPEGs and save them with less quality.

See in Make JPGs smaller.

You can make your jpegs smaller without changing the pixel width of
the image.

In the JPEG Save Dialog, you can opt for GIMP defaults which reduce
the size quite a bit, without hurting the visual quality in a way that
you can detect. This would be the safest and quickest thing to do.

Source : Link , Question Author : user22476 , Answer Author : Yisela

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