How can I remove background from an image of a transparent object?

I am having hard time removing background from this image.
I tried using Magic Eraser and also Background eraser tool. Both of these do not work perfectly.

The reason could be the fact that lower portion of this bottle is of glass and it “blends” with the surrounding.

Is there an easier way to remove background in such cases?

enter image description here


The way I deal with glass is to cut out the glass section using the polygonal select tool and remove it to its own layer. From there I drop the opacity in layers panel to 20% and bump up the exposure buy a little, drop the offset by quite a lot and increase gamma correction quite a bit too. This give a nice transparent effect which isn’t perfect but is usually good enough.

Example, original on left, altered on right:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : meetpd , Answer Author : Scott Brown

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